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A little about me:   I was born and raised in the London area of southwestern Ontario. After leaving high school I joined the Canadian Military and served 10 years in the Canadian Air Force, most of that time in Greenwood, Nova Scotia where I met and married my wife of 50 years now.

After the Air Force with 2 young children at home I went back to college and obtained an Electrical Engineering Technician Diploma and started work with Ontario Hydro in the nuclear power industry.

While with Ontario Hydro (now OPG) I moved to Deep River, Kincardine, back to Deep River, Pickering and finally Darlington. During my second time at Deep River I spent a year teaching electronics theory at the Hydro school in Rolphton.

While at Pickering and Darlington much of my time was spent repairing and calibrating the radiation monitoring equipment that would shut the nuclear reactor down in the event of a problem.

When I retired I wanted something completely different and so looked into woodworking to keep my brain and body busy.

While browsing woodworking related websites I came across Jim Shaver's Pens for Canadian Peacekeepers website and my penmaking career was born. To date I have sent close to 200 pens to our Canadian men and women in the military. If you are interested in this project see either my page on pens for peacekeepers or visit Jim's website.

Woodworking is a hobby for me and I want to keep it that way so I do not actively sell my work. While I do have prices on a few things in the gallery if someone I like comments about something I made and likes it I am just as likely to give it to them. After all there are only so many relatives and friends I can give my work to. If you want an item to give to someone else I will expect you to pay for it.