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A showcase of items I have produced. Clicking on any image will bring up a larger image and description, moving your mouse pointer off the expanded image will collapse it. Some items may have prices indicated. These are things I have that I am willing to sell although if the right person comes along I am just as likely to give it to them. If you have to ask for it you are obviously not the right person.

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Ball Point and Stand    
Ball point pen and stand. Pen is produced with Amboynia burl.
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Ball Point Pen.    
Another pen produced for a friends wedding.
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Antler Wedding Pen.    
A pen produced with deer antler and given to a friend when she was married. No deer were harmed to make this pen as they shed their antlers every year.
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Box Elder Bowl    
This is my popcorn bowl. Almost holds enough. It's approximately 14 inches across.
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Walnut Bowl    $30
A small natural edge walnut bowl. Mainly sapwood with some heartwood in the bottom. About 4 inches across.
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Small board game pieces    
Small board game pieces turned from leftover wood when making pens. If an article is purchased I throw one in free. These are only a representative sample of what is made.
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Safety Razor Set    
I use this one every day. The wood is teak recycled from extra furniture legs my father carried with him through 4 moves. I figure if teak is good enough for ships it should work well here and it has for about 4 years now.
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Twig Pot    
A small twig pot from some a honey locust tree one of my neighbors had removed. I managed to save a little from the fireplace.

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