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Refill Replacement for the Long Click type pen.
The method to replace the "Parker" style refill in the Long Click Pen.
Slimline pen Photo of the Long click pen as received from us. When the ink runs out the "Parker" style refill will need replacing. To access the refill unscrew the nib. If the nib is to tight a better grip can be obtained by using a rubber jar top remover or a small piece of rubber shelving material. Do not use pliers as this will damage the nib and at the very least ruin the finish.
Slimline pen Photo shows the nib removed and the end of the refill sticking out. Simply pull it out to remove it from the pen.
Slimline pen The refill has been removed. Remove the spring and install it on the new refill. Reassemble the pen in the reverse order.
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