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  This project offers gratitude and support to the many Canadian Armed Forces Men and Women around the world who wear the Maple Leaf, not only on their shoulder, but also in their hearts. As a country, we are often pulled together by events that bring us pride in accomplishment. We are a country that respects human freedoms and dignity. One of our country's distinctions is that we are known as Peacekeepers.  
A project to say "Thanks to Canadian Armed Forces Men and Women" serving on peacekeeping missions around the world.
As of February 18th, 2014 - 2212 Pens Sent

The above section has been copied from the Pens for Canadian Peacekeepers website with permission. We fully support the idea behind this and invite you to get involved. There are a few ways you can get involved.
  1. Make pens yourself, write a letter of support and encouragement to any Canadian Soldier, one letter per pen. Wrap the letter around the pen and send them to.

    Pens for Canadian Peacekeepers
    Box 30017
    478 Dundas Street West
    Oakville, Ontario
    L6H 6Y0

  2. Can't make the pens it gets easier
    Buy the pen kits yourself and send them to me with a letter of support and encouragement to a soldier with each kit. I will make the pen and forward it with your letter. You can either have the kits shipped to you and then forward them to me or have them shipped directly to me.
    My personal favourite for this is the Cigar available here Preferably one of the chrome or gunmetal platings. The other platings just don't have the durability I like to use.

    My mailing address is.

    R. Gibson
    P.O. Box 243
    Bothwell ON
    N0P 1C0

  3. Short on funds, you can still help. I make and send a number of pens 3 or 4 times a year. I'm not a great writer so you can still write a letter of support and encouragement, send it to me at my Bothwell address. I'll wrap it around one of the pens I send. Make sure you let me know there are no pen kits coming so I am not waiting for them.

This is one of the pens I sent to our troops in Afghanistan. The photo was sent back to me by the soldier who received the pen.

Here are a few letters from some of the troops who received one of my pens. Names and locations have been removed for security and privacy reasons.

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