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Refill Replacement for the Slimline and 7mm Euro
The method to replace the "Cross" style refill in both the slimline and the 7mm euro pens is identical. The slimline is shown here.
Slimline pen Photo of the slimline pen as received from us. When the ink runs out the "Cross" style refill will need replacing. To access the refill the two halves of the pen simply pull apart as shown in the next photo.
Slimline pen Photo shows the two halves of the pen taken apart. The center band if there is one on your pen may be loose so do not lose it. The black end is the "Cross" style refill and is simply unscrewed to remove it from the pen.
Slimline pen The refill has been removed. Replace it with a new refill and reassemble the pen in the reverse order. Take a look at the wood grain orientation between the top and bottom halves and realign them when putting the pen back together.
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